is an intermittent musical project that happens when its two founder members - one in London and one Tokyo - can find the time. we are foolish enough to think that music might just save the world. but not foolish enough to think ours will.


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13.02.08 temporary sparks ep

our first attempt at a fully-fledged home-made ep is called temporary sparks. It was recorded in a flat in Tokyo during October and November of 2007. we hope anyone who hears it thinks it’s ok, and will stay with us to see if we manage to make anything good in the future


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Dying pretty is still dying darling
Your curse of flesh and bones, and too much time alone
dying isn’t how you finish this darling,
starve that ghost behind your pretty smile

leave rusty frames, hoardings, and far from this poisoned start
an old friends love will burn out the endless dark in your mind

Autumn finds you in full swing
wishing your reflection, could mean something
look again
youre thin
so thin

a trick of the minds eye girl,
and the neon wolf who eats the city`s night
You long to call your friends and shout
you`re sorry for your body and for your lies
But you can`t

And years from now, they`ll find this thought,
they`ll dig it out. From the rubble after the war
write your name in the soil

So keep on breathing darling, so what if the futures fucked anyway?
it can`t be so hard to ask for an old friends song to sing to save your day
From falling from the sky
On a body starved by life

And years from now, they`ll find this thought,
gonna pull it out. From the rubble after the war.
write your name in the soil that you once lived and breathed on,
the only girl who`s left to save the world.


1. the only girl who's left to save the world.
2. astronoughts

Angels are racing over our heads,
writing white hot lines in the blue,
curving at the edge of space,
satellites in noiseless grace
scream of all the things we can’t undo

Their bombs might one day drown the stars above,
but they can’t ever take these lights we’ve got,
these stars inside stars inside stars inside stars

Your curves fell down as morning dew,
the rivers that gave me life anew
We’ll leave them standing at the edge of their dark,
run far across the soils of this land, to meet the dawn

We’ll pass in time, and leave just pieces of the love we gave
So give it good

You held me and I think you knew,
our time is not a thing we get to choose,
Just borrowed stardust in the end me and you,
ours to spin love from before we lose

Two small ripples in the ocean of things,
but someday what great waves we might make, on distant shores

We’ll pass in time, and leave just pieces of the love we gave
We pass in time, we’re all just pieces of the love we gave
We pass in time, but one sunset, is another son’s birth
We pass in time, the marriage debt, of our bones to the earth


3. puzzle
5. no more pain
4. stolen dream
6. stitching song

Lying here
Watching as you breathe
Your black hair, is blue in the moonlight
And red in the war outside
but I don’t care

An imagined love affair
Pieces of a dream, I drew once
When I woke

And its cold
But your body warms my eyes
Your legs and arms;
pieces of a puzzle
I can't fit

Im Lying here
An imagined love affair
A passion that I drew
In a dream one night
And never made real except here
In this song
With your body rising slowly
Down and up

The road to you got lost, broke
I’ll build it back in dreams
Make it home one day

Dappled light, flickers on your eyelids
cinemascope, projecting a landscape

The road hums silent and warm beneath you
The trees sing of how one day they’ll grow to the moon

A last, stolen dream in the passenger seat
A chance to forget where we are

Falling far beneath a mirrored ocean,
The deepest blue, you ever felt

Someone calls to you in words you never learned
Through ice only a mothers love could melt

A last, stolen dream in the passenger seat
A chance to forget where you are
A two minute dream across the dash from me
A dance through the cracks in our hearts

These currents, are overflowing with tears
And your light will forever shine on these years

So go

Great oceans are tall behind you
Swim deep or the storm will find you

Storm melts concrete like ice
Searing horizon flowers bloom, then die
Keep the city at your back
Its burning the sky

Watch for flowers in the road
They’ll climb up to bite

They’ll sell and drown the sunlight
They’ll sell and burn the sky
They’ll spend a stolen birthright
Till no-ones left to count the time

springtime, winter, crawl up your back
as blossom falls from their fires
stealing the air, from deep in your lungs
black snows wont melt

leave the city at your back
it’s burning the sky

they’ll sell and burn the sunlight
they’ll sell and burn the sky
they’ll never drown our torchlight
it’s brighter than their fires

some lie down
oh to dream a world, when there’s no more pain

and then I awoke
from the arms of your dream
the part of you
that will never leave

I remember you spoke
In touches serene
The saddest memory
I couldn’t breathe

The wind blew in waves
That broke in your hair
I wanted to hold you
My arms just held air

All of the things I needed to say
Lost to the winds
Years too late

And can a song
Ever stitch these scars in our hearts?

I never once told you
Your perfume was right
How breathing it now
Is a reason to cry

Or how your shape felt
Encircled in mine
Small as a dove
Soft, precious, white

Im thinking a song
Might one day stitch the cracks in our hearts
In our hearts

Now that we’re old
Years fallen as leaves
In moments like this one
I long to believe

Sometimes when he’s alone with his dreams
You’ll sit by the nursery and remember me

7. product:great shakes
h.parker ( guitar, bass, arrangements)
r.parker (vocals, arrangements)
tenten (backing vocals)
r.nilsson (banjo, sometime lead guitar)